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What are the Different Types of Building Surveys we do?

So you have your eye on this house and it is love. It has the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen is gorgeous, and the location is perfect. You want to dive into the sale and make it yours. But there’s talk of a building survey needed before you can get your mortgage. So what are the building surveys we do and what are the different types?

Types of Building Surveys Christchurch

Building survey basics

A building survey, also known as a house survey, is a report carried out by a surveyor. The idea behind it is that it looks at the house from a professional viewpoint to spot problems that may cost you money or need fixing before you buy the house.

The main types of surveys that we carry out are the Home Purchase Report, the Building Survey and the Home Condition Report.

What the surveys cover

When you are deciding which survey is best for you, it is worth understanding what they include.

The Home Purchase report is a middle tier report and looks for problems such as damp or subsidence alongside a basic survey. It will also include details on repairs and ongoing maintenance that is needed as well as highlighting any areas that aren’t up to the current building regulations. It usually includes a market valuation and rebuilding cost. Most people use it for properties that are standard build and in reasonable condition. A Home Condition Report is also offered and is similar to the Home Purchase report, but does not include the valuation or the cost to re-build the property. As such it tends to be a lower cost report.

The building survey is the top level and goes into detail about potential problems including looking at the loft area. It can take as much as a day to complete and will include a valuation and re-building cost. It is ideal for houses that are 50 years or more in age or in poor condition as well as those with previous problems.

Do you need a survey?

Legally, you don’t have to have a survey to buy a house but it is always a good idea to have one for peace of mind.

Surveys can also be useful if you want to make sure you aren’t paying over the odds for a property. For example, if it shows a valuation less than the selling price, you may be able to negotiate a lower figure based on this.

Finally, surveys aren’t just about buying a house. You may want one if you are going through a planning application or plan preparation for changes to the house to make sure everything is sound and in good condition.

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