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We have a fantastic reputation and can produce your unbiased home purchaser report in Christchurch

When you are in a position to buy a house, it is always a good idea to have an expert surveyor inspect it to make sure there are no hidden horrors behind those smart walls.  Philip Cave Building Surveyor offers a range of different survey options and the most popular is the middle tier, the Home Purchase Report.

home purchaser report in Christchurch

Home Purchase Report

  • Home buyer report survey
  • Look for obvious signs of major problems such as damp or rot
  • Find potential problems that will cost you money
  • Identify any legal issues
  • Mid-tier type of survey ideal for older houses

What is a home purchaser report?

If you are looking for a home purchaser report in Christchurch then you are most likely looking at a house that is a little older, has some unusual building elements or possible complications.  These aren’t serious enough to go for a full Building Survey but enough that you or your mortgage company want more than a home condition report, the basic type of building survey.

A Home Buyer report includes obvious major problems and defects that could impact the value of the house.  These include obvious signs of rot, damp or subsidence.  It doesn’t include lifting carpets or under floorboards but will look in all visible areas.  The surveyor will create a report of issues that need attention as well as comments on repairs and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Valuation component

Another important part of the process is a round up of any legal considerations that affect the property and an insurance reinstatement value – this is the figure you would receive from your insurance company if the home was to be destroyed.

Getting the report isn’t a legal consideration but it can help you find out about potentially expensive problems at a later date and can help you negotiate the buying price of the house if problems come to light.  It may also be a requirement of your mortgage company.

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