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We can provide you with an expert building plan preparation service

A building plan or a floor plan is the preparation stage of a new property or an extension to an existing one. It is a visual representation of what you want to do and is a major part of the planning permission application. When it comes to building plan preparation, Philip Cave Building Surveyor offer our services to help you get it done.

building plan preparation

Building Plan Preparation

  • Create a building plan for your project
  • Easy to use with contractors or part of the planning permission process
  • Ensures that all measurements are completely accurate
  • Components included as required by planning departments

What goes into a building plan?

The building plan is a view of the property as if seen from above that shows the floor layout of the whole house including accurate measurements, doors and windows. Floor plans are a brilliant way to help you envision what you want to do with your new home and are also a key part of applying for planning permission.

When creating a building plan, measurements are taken to ensure it is accurate to scale. This will include things like doors and windows, permanent fixtures such as fireplaces and kitchen and bathroom facilities that are in place.

Creating a building plan

There are a few DIY versions of the software used to create building plans, but the best option is to work with an expert. This saves you having to learn new software that you may never use again and ensures that all the important components are in place when the plan moves through to the meeting with the planning officer.

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