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We are experts in home surveys in Christchurch

A home survey is a crucial part of the process of buying a property and one that needs to be done by a building surveyor. The purpose of a home purchase report is to look at the condition of the property and to give you the information you need before you purchase a new home. If you are looking for a home survey in Christchurch, Philip Cave Building Surveyor can help.

Pre-purchase reports

When you are looking at buying a new home, it is easy to get drawn in by the positives – the nice new kitchen, the easy layout of the house, the central location. You also need to know about the negatives, those potentially costly problems hiding behind the nice furniture or in the roof space hidden from view. That’s why Philip Cave Building Surveyor offers pre-purchase survey reports in Christchurch and the surrounding area, to enable you to confidently move forward with your purchase.

home surveys in Christchurch

Home Surveys

  • Get the information you need before buying a house
  • Different survey options
  • Many years of local experience
  • Make your big purchase with confidence
  • Deal with a local, independent surveyor

Getting the most information

The Home Purchase report is a mid-tier level 2 survey and looks at necessary repairs and ongoing maintenance. It can also raise issues that don’t comply with current building regulations. It is a non-intrusive survey that looks at surface level problems and includes a market valuation and rebuild cost.

The Home Purchase report is suitable for properties built from about 1920. The building survey is the top level of survey and lists defects that are found in a hands-on study of the property including checking the loft. It can also include costs and timescales for suggested work and is ideal for older houses or those in poor condition.

What a home purchase report covers

The aim of the Home Purchase report is to create an overview of a property following a short, surface-level inspection. It looks at potential areas of concern and details them in the report so that you have a clear picture of the issues you would have to repair if you bought the house.

The report will include information such as the construction of the house and defects that need urgent investigation. It will highlight issues that could pose a serious hazard or problems that would need further urgent investigation before you buy the house. It will include a visual assessment of both the inside and outside of the house including the roofline as viewed from the ground with the aid of binoculars.

Do you need a survey?

The main reason to get a survey is for your own reassurance. You want to know there are no significant problems that could potentially cost you a lot of money further down the line and a Home Purchase report will identify the major issues. That way you can purchase your new home with confidence.

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If you are in Christchurch or the surrounding area and want to buy a new home or need a home condition report, look no further than Philip Cave Building Surveyor. We also offer other services to help you develop your home or to build your new one. These include building surveys, pre-purchase reports, planning application assistance and preparation of building plans. Call 01202 496 664 / 07846 866 227 for a free consultation or get in touch with Philip Cave Building Surveyor by clicking the button below.