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Philip Cave building surveyors can help with home purchase reports and building surveys in Christchurch and the surrounding area. Call us today

Planning a house purchase is a very exciting time filled with lots of expectation and plans. It can also be a time when you need to check the house in ways that might not be obvious to ensure the purchase you make is what you expect. Philip Cave Building Surveyor is a building surveyor in Christchurch who can help with a variety of services for a new purchase or planning services.

building surveys in Christchurch

Our Services

  • Full range of pre-purchase reports when you buy a new home
  • Help spot visible and hidden defects
  • Ideal for different age properties
  • Other services including building surveys
  • Help with planning and building regulation applications to obtain local authority consent

Range of surveys

We offer a range of surveys to help you better understand the property you are buying. These include the home condition report, the home purchase report and a building survey. The various inspection reports follow industry recognised standards that are used for home surveys across the UK.

The different surveys inspect the house at different levels. The top building survey is often used for older properties or ones that need renovation work. For modern houses, a simple home condition report or home purchase report can look for any defects or visible problems.

Other services available

As well as building surveys, we also offer a range of services to help with new and existing houses. The building survey looks at the structural elements of a house and finds potential problems that should be handled before renovation work begins. A pre-purchase report is a level 2 survey that looks for problems and is more widely used for newer properties.

When you are building or extending a house, we can also assist with the planning process. Planning applications need to be made before you do any work and we can help with the preparation of plans to submit to the Local Authority so that permission can be gained.

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If you are in Christchurch or the surrounding area and want to buy a new home or need a home condition report, look no further than Philip Cave Building Surveyor. We also offer other services to help you develop your home or to build your new one. These include building surveys, pre-purchase reports, planning application assistance and preparation of building plans. Call 01202 496 664 / 07846 866 227 for a free consultation or get in touch with Philip Cave Building Surveyor by clicking the button below.