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The process of receiving planning permission for work to be done to your home requires that you go through a planning process in many cases. While there are some things you can change about your home under Permitted Development rights, other jobs require formal planning permission before you begin. To get help with the process, Philip Cave Building Surveyor offers planning application assistance to our customers.

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Planning Applications

  • Planning application assistance
  • Help with all the stages of gaining planning permission
  • Work with you to prepare for planning officer meetings
  • Assistance with the application
  • Help if you need to appeal

The application process

As a resident of England or Wales, you can submit your planning application online but there is some preparation that needs to be done before you reach this stage. You may want to approach a planning officer with the ideas about what you want to do, and this is part of what we can prepare you for. It will involve preparing detailed plans and relevant documents to allow the planning officer to see if they think the project will be accepted or if there will be conditions imposed by the council.

Once you have gone through this process, we can help you submit the actual planning permission application.  It normally takes 10-12 weeks to get a definitive answer from the planning department as they need to go into ’material considerations’ which can include anything from parking and highway safety to noise levels, building layout and any government policy.

Getting the acceptance

By working with a surveyor when planning your application, you can increase the chances of getting permission the first time. Currently, around three-quarters of applications are accepted first time and 40% of those who appeal or amend their application gain permission. We can help you gain permission, so that you can do the work you dream about doing.

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