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5 Signs Your Home Might Need a Building Survey

Most of us think of our homes as solid and steadfast, built to last as long as we need it. And while this is true, the weather and time can have an impact on our homes.  Structural problems can affect any home and can lead to major work being required but if you spot the signs and get a structural survey before they worsen, you can prevent a more serious problem.

Structural Survey Christchurch

Signs of structural problems

The good thing about the most common structural problems is that there are visible signs that can indicate an issue is present.

  1. Cracks in interior walls

If you spot cracks in the wall, it doesn’t always mean there are problems, but bigger cracks might be a sign that your foundations are shifting.  Look for bigger cracks between the ceiling and doors or around windows and any horizontal cracks may need looking into further.

  1. Cracks in exterior walls

Likewise, if you spot cracks in the walls of the outside of your home, this might mean problems.  Look for horizontal, vertical or zig-zag cracks.  Also take a few steps back and look at the house – does it appear to be sloping?  This might mean there are problems with the foundations.

  1. Uneven floors

If you noticed spaces between the walls and floors (or the walls and ceiling) then this is worth checking out.  The same applies if your floors have become uneven or cracks have appeared.  While floorboards can crack or warp over time, solid floors aren’t prone to this.

  1. Badly fitting windows and doors

If your windows or doors will no longer shut properly, this can be a sign that the house is moving.  Plus this is a security risk if your locks no longer snap into place.

  1. Walls of extension separating from the house

Finally, if there are gaps in your brickwork, then you have a problem.  For example, if you have an extension and there’s a gap between the new and old areas, this is a big problem.

Spotting problems

One of the issues that you face when you are buying a house is that you might not be around it enough to spot any of these problems.  That’s why it is worth working with a building surveyor Christchurch area or wherever the house is located to get a building survey conducted.

There are different types of surveys including a Home Buyer report and a home condition report as well as inspection report, and a pre-purchase report.  But a full house survey is the one that will look the most comprehensively for problems

You may also want to have a survey done if you are going through plan preparation for an extension and applying for a planning application.  That way you can be sure there are no problems that could be made worse by the work involved with the extension.

Prevention better than cure

As with many things, prevention is definitely better than cure.  The earlier you spot a structural problem, the easier it can be to cure it.  By leaving problems and letting them deteriorate, you risk your entire home.

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